4 Reasons Why Hemp Animal Bedding Out-Performs Any Alternative

If you have any pets or livestock, you probably are like most of us and do not really put much thought into selecting the type of animal bedding you use. Generally speaking, most pet stores offer bedding made of wood chips and shavings. While wood does offer good features such as being very absorbent and good odor control, did you know there is an even better type of animal bedding, that won't break the bank? Well if you were guessing Hemp, you would be 100% correct.

Hemp animal bedding offers a number of benefits over wood and other sources of animal bedding.

Hemp bedding reduces Particulate Matter and Dust

Hemp bedding produces almost no dust and very little particulate matter compared with wood. This isn't to say that Hemp does not produce micro dust during processing. In fact, part of the reason the animal bedding has such low dust is due to our D8 Decortication process, and how we capture a majority of the micro fiber and dust.

The hurds produced in our processing facility result in far less dust compared with alternatives like wood shavings, and is on par with dust values of paper. Paper is generally regarded to produce the least amount of dust.

Hemp is Biodegradable

Yes. I already know what you are about to say.

But isn't wood biodegradable?

And the answer is yes; wood IS biodegradable. Both hemp and wood are 100% biodegradable; the primary difference between them is the time it takes for hemp to decompose. Hemp degrades at a faster rate than wood. Of course, it doesn't end there. Hemp grows quickly and produces more pulp than trees. When harvesting, hemp leaves the soil in much better condition for future plants compared to trees.

Highly Absorbant

Hemp bedding from BIOPHIL Natural Fibers absorbs over 3 times its weight. This feature is important for any animal bedding setup, especially larger animals such as livestock. Higher absorbency means less maintenance for you.

Sample of Nottingham Farms Hurds with many uses such as animal bedding.

Odor Reducing

One of the many things that separate Hemp from wood is its unique physical properties. Research published in "Construction and Building Materials"—An international journal dedicated to the investigation and innovative use of materials in construction and repair—describes the porous nature of hemp, and its naturally forming macropores, mesopores and micropores. This hidden super power dramatically increases the surface area of the hemp fibers, and makes it very good for such things as usage in textiles and helping fabrics made from hemp retain colors when dyed. The pores in hemp help trap and absorb odors when used for animal bedding, and other extreme uses such as a solvent for water purification.

Animal bedding is just one of many different byproducts of the Nottingham Farms Hemp Decortication process.

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